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Vicks – cough, cold, flu relief & allergy medicine, Vicks cough, cold & flu products provide effective relief for cough, nasal congestion, sore throat, runny nose, fever & related symptoms in children and adults..
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Star allergy alerts – kids food allergy alert badge , Kids food allergy alert badge & sticker packs – product list. each pack contains 2 badges and 12 stickers and provides a versatile way to show friends and carers that.

Pollen count history | atlanta allergy & asthma, Atlanta allergy & asthma’s pollen counting station is certified by the national allergy bureau. this is the only pollen counting station in the.
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Pollen is one of the ingredients of the bee diet. Constructed from male germinal plants (spermatofitis), it appears as a fine powder of yellow or light brown.

Worked bees, traveling flowering in bloom, collect pollen in special “baskets” placed on …

Dust mites are a constant presence in living and working spaces, with consequences for health.

The dust mite is a microscopic, about 0.3 mm long, spiky, invisible to the naked eye. Worldwide, they count about 150 species. One teaspoon of …

In this site we propose to explain to you what is an allergy and the methods to deal with it, but above all the meaning of the so-called “cat hair allergy” which is nothing more than a hypersensitivity to a …

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