Allergic Reaction In Kids

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Allergic Reaction In Kids

Is your baby allergic to food? Cause and examination · treatment method summary

It is said that 1 in 10 babies has food allergy. Attention is necessary for mom / dad because there is fear that it will become serious unless measures are taken. What causes small children to prone? Symptoms and examination / treatment The summary.

“Food allergy” caused by food.

Actually, this allergy is characterized by being often found in children, especially in the case of babies “It is said that one in 10 people has onset.” Its symptoms vary from one child to another, but in some cases it can be severe.

This time, I care about mom and dad! I tried to summarize the symptoms etc for babies · children’s food allergies.

What are the symptoms of allergies in babies and children?

Symptoms of food allergies vary among individuals, but the most common symptoms are rash and urticaria “skin symptoms”. There are other “gastrointestinal symptoms” in which symptoms such as “respiratory symptoms” such as “breathing” is caused by sausage and hoofing, stomachache and vomiting are observed.

And it is called anaphylaxis that two or more symptoms occur suddenly intensely, there are cases where shock symptoms that blood pressure suddenly falls and consciousness is lost may appear.

What are the causes of allergies to babies and children?

An allergic reaction occurs when the “immune reaction” trying to protect the body from foreign matter entering from the outside is excessive work. In the case of food allergies, protein contained in food is recognized as a foreign body, causing allergic symptoms.

Especially in early childhood digestive function is immature, it will absorb protein contained in food without decomposing it sufficiently. Therefore, “IgE antibody” which works to attack foreign matter is easy to make, and it is said that allergic reaction is likely to occur as a result.

What food causes allergies?

Representative foods that cause allergies are eggs, dairy products, and wheat.
But the first time symptoms appeared Looking at the foods There are some differences depending on age.

For example, food allergy that develops in infancy is often caused by eggs and dairy products, and in the case of elementary school students and older it is often caused by crustaceans such as shrimp, crab shrimp and crab, fruits such as kiwi and apples It is getting.

We often hear wheat allergies, but wheat is a food that tends to cause food as a cause from infants to adults.

How is your baby’s / child’s allergy treatment?

The treatment of food allergy is basically not to eat the cause food (food removal). In order not to do unnecessary removal at that time, it is important not to judge the cause food at home but to examine it more accurately at the hospital.

The rash that the dairy product thought was the cause, in fact it was due to the hair of the pet! There are also cases.

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