Allergy Luxe Pillow

Allergy Luxe Pillow is an ultra luxurious hypoallergenic pillow. The Luxe anti-allergy cushion is filled with an alternative top-filling fiber, making it incredibly soft and comfortable, providing the perfect balance between support and comfort.

Allergy Luxe produces products that provide lasting protection while providing the perfect refuge from the fast-paced world of today. It has been shown that these products make a big difference in the way people sleep. Together with Arm & Hammer, our product line will be presented at Bed Bath and Beyond.

The hypoallergenic pillow has a lining with an anti-allergic barrier. The cushion cover is made of 100% organic cotton certified with 100% vegetable dye. 300 threads It measures 20 “x 28”. Full polyester machine wash.

The pillows with a down filling are incredibly soft. A state-of-the-art barrier protects against dust mites, pollen, pet allergens, mold and bacteria. The pillow with 1 “escutcheon offers medium resistance and has a scientific firmness.

The Allergie luxury cushion can be washed in cold water and dried over a low heat. Dry cushion covers in the air. You can wash if the pillow is dirty as often as you need it.


  • Allergy Luxe Cushion Bug Barrier completely new and genuine
    Bedbugs, dust mites and allergies
  • ENCASEMENT helps prevent bed bug infection

Allergy Luxe Premium Cushion Cushion Bud Bug Barriere Reviews

This is the best pillowcase I’ve found and used, it works very well with my standard pillows and it’s very easy to wash / clean, I recommend this product.” By Melissa M. Gorman

I bought it out of line in giant size, the material is very soft and does not have the feel similar to the plastic of the antiallergic covers and is softer than most polyester covers. I removed a star because I did not really waterproof it. my pillow (hey, I’m not the only one, you know who you are) and it looked like it was going to happen, I wanted a giant sized zippered case to keep the pillow in place for allergies / dust mites and bed bugs (you never know) The fabric is hypoallergenic (I do not have allergies, but I do not like chemicals for health reasons) Just wash / dry.
By Sunaverse

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