Allergy To Hair Dye

Do not underestimate allergy to hair dye because it might make you suffer greatly. Although rare, but this can happen unexpectedly. To avoid this, use it properly according to the instructions in the package.

Some people may have high levels of skin irritation to an object. Skin conditions that are sensitive when in contact with foreign compounds are often called contact dermatitis. This condition will trigger inflammation of the skin that can be red and itchy.

The ingredients that invite this reaction may directly cause the skin to become inflamed. In other materials that are as a trigger allergies, will work by provoking the body’s immune reaction that can cause symptoms in the skin.

Hair Paints can cause skin allergies because most of them contain a chemical called parafenil-ediamin or commonly abbreviated as PPD. This material is widely known as a compound that can cause irritation and trigger allergies.

Indeed, the active compounds in these dyes are safe for the wearer. It’s just that hair dye users should use the appropriate instructions in the packaging. Generally, hair dye manufacturers already know this danger so they are very careful about incorporating PPD. In addition to caution, generally the content of PPD in hair dye is strictly limited so as not to trigger or cause allergies.

Allergy To Hair Dye

These Types of Allergy To Hair Dye That You Can Experience

Allergic hair dyes cause skin diseases that require special attention

The indiscriminate use and disregarding the usage instructions on the packaging are indeed susceptible to allergic reactions. The types of allergies that may be felt by the user, among others:

Contact Dermatitis

The most common condition is contact dermatitis. In addition to being characterized by the appearance of redness of the skin, this reaction also has other signs and symptoms. For example, patients may experience itching and swelling in certain parts. The swelling can whack the eyelids, facial skin, hairline areas, overgrown areas, or other areas affected by hair dye.

Those who are sensitive to PPD may not show any of these symptoms up to 10 days after use. This compound alone can cause the above symptoms for 6 to 72 hours. Long, is not it?

Anaphylactic Shock

Allergy to hair dyes can also cause serious life-threatening conditions. Anaphylactic shock is the most serious form of allergy. Luckily, this dangerous allergic reaction is rare.

If a person experiences this, they will experience swelling of the face. Other symptoms that may arise are difficulty breathing, decreased blood pressure, and the most serious of course death. Immediate relief is needed for people suffering from this type of allergic reaction.

Are You Affected with Allergy to Hair Dyes? Try The Natural Way Here!

There are some natural ingredients that you can use if you experience an allergic reaction due to hair dye. Natural ingredients useful for this include:


Honey is a natural ingredient that has been used as medicine since thousands of years ago. The advantages possessed honey is to have properties as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It is useful to relieve irritation and swelling that affects the scalp.

The benefits of honey that can help fight skin infections that can worsen if not treated. Honey is also useful to relieve areas that are irritated or itchy, especially in the skin or scalp. To be more effective, mix 1 tablespoon of honey and olive oil. Apply a mixture of both to the scalp. Do this every day until the symptoms subside.

Coconut oil

Another natural ingredient that can be used to relieve allergic reactions to hair dye is coconut oil. The antioxidant and antibacterial content in it can help the body fight bacteria and irritation on the skin. Coconut oil also plays an important role in keeping skin smooth and healthy.

Another advantage possessed by this material is that it can keep the scalp moist. This ingredient also helps to relieve pain on the scalp that feels itchy. Use a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub gently on the scalp. This can be done every day until the symptoms disappear.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera can also be an option to relieve allergic reactions due to hair dye. Inflammation of the scalp due to allergies to hair dyes can be overcome because this material has good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In addition, you can also use aloe vera to reduce symptoms to keep the patient feel comfortable despite irritation. This is certainly good because it can make the patient can still rest well. For best results, just apply a spoonful of this material on the scalp. Let stand for 30 minutes then wipe with warm water. This therapy can be done until the symptoms disappear.

If allergic hair dye reaction does not disappear with the use of natural ingredients above, immediately go to the doctor. Nothing is better done if you experience this condition other than getting treatment from an expert and appropriate treatment.