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Baby can also drink Allergic disease treatment medicine Zaisal syrup and Zajiten dry syrup How many months? Side effects?

I think many mums suffer from atopy and allergy.

I am also suffering from the roughness and itching of my skin even after 2 years of age from infant eczema of 3 weeks old by that one.

Meanwhile, what happened to the son who drank medication that suppresses histamine, the cause of itching prescription, “zaisal syrup and zajiten dry syrup” for allergic disease treatment drug? I would like to write.

What medicine is Zaisal syrup?

Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) · urticaria · It is a medicine to stop itching caused by skin diseases.

It will be a medicine to suppress the action of histamine. It is medicine that can be taken from 6 months old.

Levocetirizine hydrochloride suppresses the symptoms of histamine receptor, which causes allergic symptoms, by suppressing it.

  • For babies 6 months to 1 year old, once a day (2.5 ml)
  • For children 1 to 7 years old, twice a day (2.5 ml once)

What side effects do you have?

Also, major side effects include drowsiness, headache, fatigue, fatigue, dry mouth, nausea, loss of appetite, and dizziness.

In rare cases, such side effects may occur.

Dyspnea · blood pressure lowering · urticaria · convulsions · general malaise · jaundice · nosebleed · bleeding gums · subcutaneous bleeding etc. may occur.

If any other symptoms are noted besides the above, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

How does it taste?

It is colorless and transparent, with a sweet taste. I am afraid that I am a little disliked because children are easy to drink.

Is it really difficult to get sleepy?

Zaisal syrup is a medicine that improved antihistamine called zyrtec. It is said that drowsiness is low, but from your family doctor I was prescribed as “Please consult if drowsiness comes out”. Some seem to have drowsiness even with a small amount of Zaisal syrup.

By the way my son never got sleepy by taking medicine.

What medicine is Zaziten Dry Syrup 0.1%?

It is a medicine that suppresses the effects of histamine and inflammatory substances that cause allergies by anti-anaphylactic and antihistaminic effects, and reduces the hypersensitivity of tissues such as the respiratory tract and nasal mucosa.

It is usually used for the treatment of bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, urticaria and others.

When used for bronchial asthma, it is not a drug to promptly improve the already occurring asthma attack.

Daily dosage of 0.06 g / kg (0.06 mg / kg as ketotifen) twice daily for breakfast, after breakfast and before going to bed. The amount increases and decreases depending on age and symptoms.
However, when used for infants under 1 year of age, the dosage should be determined taking weight, symptoms, etc. into account. When using infants and young children, observe thoroughly and use carefully. Has become.

  • From 6 months to 3 years old Infants 0.8 g (0.8 mg as ketotifen)
  • 3 to 7 years old Children 1.2 g (1.2 mg as ketotifen)
  • Children over 7 years old 2.0 g (2.0 mg as ketotifen)

Side effects are a little medicine, but if you feel drowsiness and fatigue, let’s discuss with your pediatrician.

What side effects do you have?

Drowsiness · rash · urticaria · edema · cystitis-like symptoms · disappearance of temporary consciousness etc. are reported.

In rare cases, there may be symptoms such as convulsions and restlessness · jaundice.

In case of such symptoms, let’s consult a doctor promptly.

How does it taste?

It is a sweet taste. However, as time passes, bitterness comes out, so let me drink immediately after mixing with water or juice.

How to let your baby take medicine

Both Zaisal and Zazen are sweet taste, but they sometimes hate. Then, the pediatrician told me, “When you make your baby take medicine for the first time, you better stop mixing with milk.”

When you want a baby to take a medicine such as syrup, aiming at hungry etc, when you drink with an eyedropper it is common to drink.

In case of son

When my son passed the age of 1, Zaisal syrup was prescribed for the first time. However, because it was not so effective, it changed to Zajiten dry syrup.

This seemed to work, the face I was scratching became a little better.

In atopic dermatitis scarring or scrubbing will worsen healing, so let’s have a doctor prescribe if you scratch by all means.
Also, of course, you can suppress histamine with medicine, but let’s improve everyday eating habits such as reducing consumption of foods containing a lot of histamine.

It is also said that itching of atopic dermatitis does not involve histamine.

What foods have histamine?

In case
Vegetables Spinach, eggplant, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, etc.
Seafood Mackerel, Tuna, Sardine, Sanma, Tara, Clam, Crab, Shrimp, Squid, Octopus, etc.
Meat, pork, beef, egg white etc
Other nuts and dairy products, chocolate, cocoa, coffee etc.

Looking at this way, it seems that there are a lot of histamine in fish and shellfish, meat, etc. which are often vegetables with acne or allergic symptoms.

Also, adults and atopy people are interested in wine, beer and so on, because they contain a lot of histamine.

Contrary to foods rich in histamine

Some food suppresses histamine.

What kind of food suppresses histamine?

Strawberries · Broccoli · Komatsuna · Cabbage · Orange etc.

Foods rich in vitamin C act similar to antihistamines that suppresses histamine.

Moreover, lactobacillus contained in tea, natto, yoghurt such as tea tea and rooibos tea seems to be effective for allergy and atopic dermatitis.

In case

Fortunately, my child loves vegetables and broccoli · carrots etc. eat only what I just boiled

The current season also loves tomatoes.

I hope to continue to eat pleasantly while paying attention to the nutrients of vegetables.

◆ To those who think seriously about the future of children. Caring from a childhood is important! “Good guard”

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