Sometimes you need allergy face mask to keep dust, dirt, grass and pollen from getting out of your face. We […]

Cold allergy (cold urticaria): when the skin plays crazy in the cold The so-called cold allergy is not an allergy […]

Condoms: Symptoms, causes and tips for allergy sufferers A condom energy is usually triggered by latex from which the condoms […]

This information page describes the alternative milk products in the cow’s milk protein allergy (APLV), which can be found on […]

Nickel allergy (also written nickel or nickel) commonly develops following piercing of the ears, piercings and the use of impure […]

Air purifier is effective for cat allergy! Introducing the tips on how to choose This is a story about a […]

Where will we get individuals figures and just what will they mean? Well, we do not measure pollen immediately like […]

Zyrtec Allergy Forecast – The European Academy of Allergy and Immunology EAACI), published the first European Guide on food reactions […]

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