Condom Latex Allergy

Condoms: Symptoms, causes and tips for allergy sufferers

A condom energy is usually triggered by latex from which the condoms are produced, but there are other causes as eg. the lubricant used in many condoms. In the case of an allergy to condoms, it often leads to severe itching or reddening of the genital area, but symptoms can also occur all over the body. An allergy to latex or lubricant is not so rare, it is currently estimated that about 2 million people in Germany are affected by this allergy form. However, one can protect oneself from the allergic reactions, there are some alternatives which do not trigger allergies.

The condom energy, or the latex allergy, are often affected by people who have a lot of contact with natural rubber. Many utensils in medical professions are made of latex as eg. Gloves, but also in everyday life we meet this fabric for example. in mattresses, products made of rubber, of clothing. You can also find more information about latex allergy on our website. Not only men are affected by allergy to condoms, women are affected more often. This is probably due to the fact that women work more frequently in medical or care calls and often come into contact with the allergens.

Condom Latex AllergyCondoms have been used for prevention since the Middle Ages and have often been made from animal casings, but condoms have also been made of latex since the 1850s. However, condoms are not only responsible for preventing, but also protect against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. You can find condoms in every drugstore or the supermarket. Allergen-free condoms are now offered by many manufacturers. They are made from alternative materials, so those who suffer from condoms do not have to dispense with the protection of condoms.

Condom Allergy Symptoms

An allergy to condoms usually develops only after some time, when we are often confronted with the allergen. Our immune system recognizes the substances from which the condom is made as an aggressor and forms with time, defenses which can then trigger the typical symptoms of condom energy. People who are already suffering from an allergy to latex, or the ingredients of lubricants can also have immediate reactions when using condoms. Immediate reactions often get people the zb. under the latex fruit syndrome suffer, these Kreuzallergien exist eg. to fruits such as avocados, kiwifruit, bananas, walnuts or chestnuts. However, one can also react to lubricants, which are often already applied by the manufacturers to the condoms, here you can find more information on lubricant allergy. Attached are the most common symptoms with condom energy.

  • Skin irritation, skin redness in the intimate area
  • Skin infections, acne, pimples, pustules, blisters
  • Itching of the skin, skin hurting, skin burning
  • Eczema, skin rash
  • Urticaria, Nettlebed, Quincke edema, wheezing
  • Eye irritation, itching of the eyes, eye jaw
  • Swelling of the eyes or eyelids
  • Allergic rhinitis, itching of the nose, nasal congestion, dizziness
  • In severe cases of condom energy, circulatory failure and allergic shocks that can lead to death.
  • When the allergens are taken orally, they also experience stomach pain, vomiting or diarrhea.

Anyone with such symptoms should consult a doctor, an allergologist can use a variety of allergy tests to react on condoms. Usually, it is then tested against latex or natural rubber. Also on the lubricant which is used by some manufacturers should be tested, the best to bring the suspicious condoms to the doctor, he can then search for the causes of the allergic reaction to the condoms based on the ingredients.

I have a condom allergy, treatment and alternatives

The allergy to condoms is a contact allergy, these allergies are often not curable, so you must avoid contact with the allergen. For acute symptoms, you should consult a doctor who can then perform an allergy test. The symptoms are usually treated with an antiallergic, in the case of symptoms on the skin often ointments are prescribed which can contain cortisone and then bring about an improvement relatively quickly. In any case you should consult the doctor before medication is taken. However, if you already know which remedies it can best help you to buy these prescription free. Some of the antiallergic drugs are available in pharmacies or online.

Condoms are an important protection against sexually transmitted diseases and help prevent them. You do not have to dispense with condoms as an allergy sufferer. The industry has long been producing condoms that do not contain latex or allergen substances. Lubricants or sex toys are now offered by many manufacturers for allergy sufferers.

Those who suffer from an allergy therefore do not necessarily have to do without the fun in the bed. The manufacturers have given us allergy sufferers for a long time as a target group and more and more products are specially made for allergy sufferers.