Dust Mite Allergy Treatment

Dust Mite Allergy Treatment

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Dust Mite Allergy Treatment

Cure “allergic” allergy with tablets ~ “Sublingual immunotherapy” enables home treatment

Even if the season of hay fever has passed, the nose is Gusss. There are people who suffer from rhinitis all year round.

Perhaps the cause of the disorder may be related to mites that are hanging inside the room.

The main symptoms of allergic rhinitis are sneezing and runny nose, stuffy nose. Unlike hay fever, I have these symptoms throughout the year.

Such all-year type allergic rhinitis patients are on an increasing trend year by year, especially among young people in their 10s to 20s. According to “Nose Allergy Clinical Practice Guideline” (supervised ยท Kotaro Baba, 2009 edition), perennial rhinitis is 36.6% at 10 to 19 years old, 36.8% at 20 to 29 years old. Accounting for about 40%.

And, surprisingly, more than 90% of the cause is called mite. Death and feces of mites in house dust…

Why does allergic rhinitis occur?

Antigens (such as pollen and house dust) enter the nose, antibodies (IgE antibodies) are made in the body. This waits for cells that develop allergy to mast cells of the nasal mucosa (mast cells) (sensitization).

Again in this state, the body enters the antigen, chemical substances such as histamine and leukotrienes are released in response to the antibody, various symptoms occur. Whether an allergic reaction occurs or not depends on the constitution of the person. However, there are also data that 50% of people are sensitized with mites and cedar pollen.

The positive rate of IgE antibodies of various allergens in patients with allergic rhinitis (survey in 2002) is the most dominant in house dust (65.9%), scorpion dermatite (63.1%), cedar (57.1%) are the highest.

House dust is about invisible little dust. The house dust generated in the room gathers the death and feces of the mites. Besides that, there are also various kinds of pets such as hair and mold, bacteria, pollen and the like.

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