Formula For Milk Allergy

Other Names of Milk Allergy:

  • Allergy to milk
  • Hydrolyzed milk formulas
  • Elementary milk formulas
  • Soy milk
  • Diet without dairy

General information

This information page describes alternative dairy products in the Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (APLV), which we can find on the market today, and their indications for each type of disease, whether due to milk allergy or intolerance to cow’s milk proteins.

What formulas are there in the market?

Highly hydrolyzed formulas

  • Specials with lactose-free milk protein hydrolyzates: Blevimat FH, hydrolyzed Nutriben
  • Specials with serum protein hydrolyzates and lactose-free casein for infants: Damira, Nieda Plus
  • Specials with lactose-free protein hydrolyzates for infants: Alfar√©
  • Specials with lactose-free casein hydrolysates for infants: Nutramigen, Pregestemil.

Partially hydrolyzed formulas

  • AptamylH.A, Enfalac-LS, Miltin H.A., and Nidine H.A.

Elementary formulas

  • Elemental completes (with amino acids): Alitraq, Damira Elemental, Elemental 028, Elemental 028 Extra, Emsogen, Neocate Advance, Neocate, Elemental Nutril 2000, Nutri-2000.

Soy milk

  • With lactose-free soy protein for infants: Nutriben Soy Sma, Prosobee, Alsoy, Miltin Soy, Velactin, Nutri-soy, Som2, Nutriben Soy, Som1, Isomil.
  • Special formulas with soy hydrolyzates and lactose-free pork collagen for infants: Pregomin.

Indications of each formula

Highly hydrolyzed formulas

Highly hydrolyzed formulas are effective in:

  • Children younger than 12-15 months of age, with moderate symptoms of atopic dermatitis and with a diagnosis of allergy to cow’s milk protein, confirmed with provocation tests. They should have been breastfeeding for at least 5 months and consume the formula for at least 6 months.
  • Children younger than 4 months with a diagnosis of allergy to cow’s milk protein, confirmed with provocation tests, fed at least 2-3 months with this formula.

Partially hydrolyzed formulas

Partially hydrolyzed formulas are useful in reducing the presence of allergy to cow’s milk proteins and allergy symptoms in children with a family history of allergy and / or elevated IgE. As long as:

  • Breastfeeding is not possible
  • They are given exclusively for at least 6 months.

Partially hydrolyzed are not useful if there is a demonstrated allergy to cow’s milk proteins.

Elementary formulas follow the same criteria

Formula For Milk Allergy

In general, the fully hydrolyzed formulas are the most indicated in allergy to cow’s milk proteins, partially hydrolysed proteins and Soy proteins.

When symptoms occur with the highly hydrolyzed, you should give an elemental milk (higher cost).