Homeopathic Allergy Medicine

Homeopathic Allergy Medicine. Undoubtedly, allergy has become, in our time, a very important pathological phenomenon. The World Health Organization already classifies it (attention) in 6th position among the most frequent diseases. Allergy remember affects different “critical organs” (skin, eyes, nose, bronchi and lungs, etc.) and is treated by the specialists from the same disciplines (from dermatologists, ophthalmologists, ENT, pulmonologists, even pediatricians). And within its arsenal it incorporates, apart from conventional treatments, homeopathic medicines.

Many substances can be allergenic. The manifestations of an allergy are many and range from conjunctivitis, rhinitis and asthma attacks to urticaria.

Homeopathy can give symptomatic treatment, relieve symptoms in rhinitis, in skin problems, in conjunctivitis, even in asthma; also the capacity to prevent and to eradicate the allergy in prolonged treatments. Homeopathy can cure the allergy, if the treatment is started months before when the patient usually has the allergy can notice an important improvement.

There are patients who have a permanent allergy, all year round, to animal epithelia, to house dust, to mites; Many of these patients who have an immune imbalance and who take as abnormal substances that are normal, are becoming allergic to more substances. In such a way that they start being allergic to pollen, then to mites and certain foods and in some cases they have a lot of difficulty, even to feed themselves.

Homeopathic Allergy Medicine

Homeopathy is an important treatment for allergy, it is one of the great indications; In normal allergies, simple or moderate, you can solve the problem from the beginning. Conventional medicine can be reserved in super acute crises, where it can be complemented with homeopathy. there are homeopathic medicines that provide similar results to those of antihistamines and other symptomatic ones that compete with corticosteroids and bronchodilators without the secondary effect of them, homeopathic eye drops, homeopathic inhalers, etc. Even homeopathic vaccines without side effects, easy to take, sublingually, both for pollens, mites or the allergen that is in question.

There is a fundamental medicine called Pollens which is a homeopathic vaccine, a homeopathic hyposensitizing extract made from the 20 most important allergens common in Spain, includes trees as grasses and is a very useful medicine in these times. It is recommended from February to October, because sometimes there are several types of allergies and once a week.

Doctor Francisco Morcillo, homeopathic doctor, tells us more about homeopathic medicines for allergies answering the following questions clearly and extensively, you can find the answers in the podcast below these lines:

Can any substance today be allergenic, that is, cause an allergy?

Allergy, remember, can affect many organs and disorient the patient and even the doctor: What manifestations can an allergy, apart from the usual eyes, nose and bronchi?

What can homeopathic medicine do in the treatment of an allergy, once diagnosed?

Why use homeopathy in an allergy, some listener will ask: What does it answer?

Can you prevent allergy with homeopathy? If so, are we still on time?

Let’s put practical cases. An allergy to the pollen of certain plants, now that we are in full epoch of pollination: What type of homeopathic medicine is used in these cases?

Another case. The skin allergy, on the skin, which can manifest itself in various ways, basically eczema and urticaria: How is it treated from homeopathy? Can homeopathy be effective in allergic asthma in both children and adults? Can it be combined if necessary with traditional or allopathic medicines? Homeopathic Allergy Medicine.