Natural Cure For Allergies

Natural Cure For Allergies. Allergy (also called hypersensitivity reaction) occurs when the immune system overreacts to an allergenic agent, such as pollen, plants, dust, cosmetics, animal hair, vaccines and medicines.

Having an allergy can be very problematic, especially because you never have absolute control over the elements that can trigger a reaction. On the other hand, if the allergy is cutaneous, the person is exposed all the time to environmental factors. Therefore, it is recommended that these patients go to natural remedies to prevent and cure allergic attacks.

The response can be activated through direct contact with the skin, mucous membranes or even blood circulation after the absorption of the allergen. Other allergens can be heat, cold, sunlight and a wide variety of foods, such as oranges, milk, eggs, wheat, fish, seafood, chocolates, tomatoes, and strawberries.

The symptoms of the allergy do not appear the first time that you have contact with an allergen, but after a continuous exposure. The most common symptoms are nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, eye redness, tearing, burning, rash, hives and swelling, among others.

Many medications may not work to cure them, but some natural resources may help. Here we tell you about them.

How to cure allergy with natural remedies?

Natural Cure For Allergies


Nettle is a natural antihistamine. Its leaves can be stored in the fridge. Through their infusions allergy sufferers can avoid violent body responses, as well as recover soon in case of an attack.

Gingko Biloba

The gingko biloba plant, used in China since time immemorial, has antiallergic properties, so it helps to prevent its attacks and to cure them.

Green tea and pineapple

In green tea and pineapple there is a pigment, called quercetin, that inhibits the stimulation of histamine. You can take tablets, which are sold in the markets, but it is much better to obtain it through tea or consuming the raw pineapple.

Omega 3

It is advisable to increase the amount of omega-3 that is consumed as it fights the body’s strong responses to allergens. The natural source par excellence of this compound is salmon.


One of the most effective remedies against allergy that are known is honey. It can be consumed alone or accompanied by infusions, sweets, cookies. It is believed that small doses of pollen help to cure allergic attacks easily.


In general, probiotics are very useful for the digestive system because they provide the body with good bacteria that favor the process of digestion. It is believed that this is connected to the immune system, which is why allergy sufferers must increase their consumption. This product is for sale in stores. Remember that they must be refrigerated.


Yogurt is another excellent remedy to counteract allergic attacks, which at the same time strengthens and nourishes the human body. Its tasty flavor makes it the ideal choice for the natural treatment of allergies.

If you are a person allergic to any food product or any environmental element, choose natural remedies to combat the symptoms of allergy. Most of these substances are natural antihistamines and, at the same time, serve to strengthen the immune system against any adversity.