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Respro Allergy Mask

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The allergic Respro mask, formerly known as Aero mask was developed for allergic people and people who are sensitive to chemicals and other particles in the air. Developed can be especially detrimental to the understanding of the debilitating effects of chemical and particle sensitivity and as submicron particles to your health, it protects the allergy mask from these dangerous chemicals and particles that circulate in the indoor and outdoor air. With the chemical and particle filters that allergy Respro mask irritants such as detergents, perfumes, soap, paint, paint, air fresheners and other common chemicals and particles such as pollen, plant spores, dandruff, mold, smoke cigarette filters , house dust and mite feces.

Note that the particulate filter is supplied with the mask, while the chemical filter must be purchased separately. Both types of filters provide the N95 filtration equivalent that is suitable not only for allergens, but also to prevent the spread of the EU influenza virus. The anti-allergic masks are made of inert hypoallergenic materials and are very unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. The valves are made of polypropylene with medical grade silicone membranes. This facial mask is ultralight. The sporty design is comfortable, washable, reusable and completely free of latex. HEPA filters comply with European filter standards and comply with the N95 protection. Great protection against contaminants in almost any environment. 5 ‘Light Build Smal

Respro Allergy Mask MCS Ei

Respro Allergy Mask MCS Ei100% polyester

  • Imported
  • ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ award from the British Allergy Foundation
  • Comes with Particle Filter
  • Light Weight and Breathable
  • a. 5’ Light Build – Small
  • Small enough to be folded up to fit in purse, backpack or even your back pocket

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