Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Fatigue

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Fatigue

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Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Fatigue

Drowsiness to allergy results from a number of possible causes, such as allergic reactions, drugs, sleep pattern and ongoing allergen exposure. Symptoms of allergic fatigue can be eliminated by determining the cause and make related changes.

According to the “West Journal of Medicine”, food allergies, especially for milk, wheat, corn and chocolate, can lead to allergic migraine fatigue syndrome. This condition leads to irritability, allergies of the respiratory tract, muscle pain and fatigue.

Season Fatigue

Allergies to seasonal pollen and molds can be caused by symptomatic dysmenorrhea by inflammatory reactions caused by histamine messages, which result in allergic rhinitis, allergic sinus infections and allergic asthma symptoms.

Reduced sleep

House dust mite allergies and skin dummies cause nightly inhalation and contact allergies, resulting in mattresses and bed linen. Nocturnal breathing problems and congestion put stress on the airways, resulting in diminished sleep and daytime sleepiness.


Oral antihistamines, nasal sprays and antihistamines oral use are taken to treat allergies, such as diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan, which can cause side effects such as drowsiness.
Prevention / solution

Drowsiness resulting allergies can be prevented by limiting exposure of seasonal allergens; by maintaining house dust, mold, skin care products and chemical irritants; and treatment of allergies with anti-drowsiness drugs.

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Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Fatigue
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