Sugar Allergy Rash

Sugar Allergy Rash

Sugar Allergy Rash – The number of people who become allergies or atopy is increasing!

If you or your child is taking allergies and taking sugar a lot, there is a possibility that symptoms such as itching and atopy may get worse!

Suddenly, have not experienced the way the mouth became wrinkled or torn when eating “rice” in succession?

When sugar enters the body, extra sugar flows through the blood.

This is the state called “high blood sugar”.

I think that it is easy to understand if you have an image like sugar water flowing through the blood.

As the mouth turns wrinkled and it gets scratched if you eat too much candy, as sugar continues to flow through the blood all the time sugar will stick to the wall of the blood vessel and chemical reaction with protein flowing through the same blood I cause the blood vessel to get scratched by raising it.

It is rather frightening to think that this is occurring in the body, but what relationship does sugar have to allergy?

If you are suffering from allergic symptoms such as atopy and itching it is a place I want to know about why sugar exacerbates allergy.

So I will explain why sugar exacerbates allergic symptoms this time.

I am also working hard recently and I am reducing energy drinks I have drunk with sweet things every day Kiritsu!

Causes of allergies and atopy deteriorating with sugar

Sugar Allergy Rash and Treatment

1 · Bad bugs like sugar favorite!

Mold mold bacteria such as bad bacteria and Candida in the intestine breed by using sugar as food.

The mechanism by which turbulence in the intestinal environment causes allergies such as asthma is also clarified by the research of the University of Tsukuba that increasing number of candida bacteria increases the allergic diseases such as atopy and asthma.

If the intestinal environment is disturbed, “Causes of immune system deterioration and allergic symptoms worsening” is also introduced in this article.

Candida itself is not only the intestines but also the usual existing bacteria present in our skin and mouth, but if it increases abnormally it will cause various diseases.

2 · Abnormalities in the function of absorbing food when the intestinal environment is disturbed!

What we ate is what is not digested in the intestine and things that harm the body are made to be discharged.

However, if the intestinal environment is disturbed, the intestinal wall will be scratched or the hole for absorption will spread, and it will get into the intestinal wall even to undigested ones.

Then you think that the abnormal thing has come in the body and make a lot of weapons (IgE antibody) and start attacking and allergic symptoms worsen.

By eating something sweet like this

  • Bad bacillus increases
  • Immune power decreases
  • Allergic symptoms worsen as the intestinal wall is damaged and inflammation occurs

That is what is happening in the intestines.

3 · When the intestinal environment deteriorates, it tends to be delayed type allergy

Have you heard of delayed allergy?

Food allergy which is one cause of itching and atopy has immediate allergy which reacts immediately when you eat and delayed allergy which causes symptoms after a while after eating.

About immediate type allergy (IgE) itchiness behind the elbow and knee may be atopic! Although I introduce it in the cause of the child’s troubles and measures summary, this delay type allergy (IgG) causes atopic dermatitis There are also research presentations.

And if it is prone to atopic dermatitis or itching it is said that this delayed allergy is one of the causes.

IgG antibody-mediated allergy may have a bad influence on long-term health. IgG antibody persists in the body for months, causing chronic inflammation and tissue degeneration at every part of the body In the skin, chronic atopic dermatitis, acne, itching, etc., chronic fatigue and joint pain, insomnia, cognitive dysfunction, chronic migraine etc are considered to be caused by delayed food allergy.

Sugar is also included in the delayed allergy food.

It is said that there are many delayed food allergic eggs, milk, wheat, sugar.The food you eat often like on a daily basis tends to cause chronic allergy, so take various foods so as not to be biased diet. It is necessary to keep in mind.

Delayed allergy suffers from symptoms soon, so often you do not notice that food is causing allergies.

Symptoms become chronic by continuing to eat without knowing.

There are so many symptoms of delayed allergy.

I talked about the fact that sugar and other sugar contents take too much, I told that the intestinal wall is damaged or the function of absorbing it collapses, but delayed allergy can not normally absorb food because the intestinal environment is disturbed , Even foods that are not harmful to the body will attack as “foreign matter” thinking.

This is the cause of delayed allergy.

And when allergic symptoms worsen, a negative spiral occurs that the symptoms worsen as the adrenal glands become attached.

4. The adrenal glands get tired when allergic symptoms worsen

Have you heard of adrenal tiredness?

In the first place, the organ called adrenal gland is a small internal organs which are shaped like a hat on the kidneys and are working to give important hormones that are indispensable for maintaining our lives .

The hormone called “cortisol” from the adrenal glands has an anti-inflammatory effect of suppressing allergy and an action to raise blood glucose level.

So people with inflammation such as atopic dermatitis are secreted much more than ordinary people and the adrenal glands become tired easily.

I think I’ve heard of the story that blood sugar levels rise when taking too much sugar.

Then, in order to lower the blood glucose level, the body raises a hormone that lowers the blood glucose value “insulin” and lowers the blood sugar level.

If you take too much sugar, insulin is excessively secreted, which in turn will be in a hypoglycemic state.

Then, in order to cure hypoglycemia, cortisol will work to secrete it, but it will be too short to excrete secretion.

There is “histamine” that causes itching such as atopy, but because it exerts more than necessary cortisol from the adrenal gland to suppress the inflammatory reaction such as itching, it becomes a state of cortisol shortage further .

When the amount of histamine is released much, the inflammatory response is strong.Therefore, it is cortisol which the adrenal gland produces, which adjusts the release amount of histamine.Ironically even when the adrenal glands weaken, histamine is released much The adrenal gland must make cortisol in order to control the amount of histamine, and the adrenal glands become more exhausted.

Doing so will cause your symptoms to worsen as allergy symptoms can not be suppressed.

As a symptom easily caused by adrenal fatigue:

  • Allergic symptoms
  • Asthma
  • Rheumatism
  • Arthritis
  • Decrease in bone density
  • Chemical hypersensitivity
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Dementia
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic fever
  • Decrease in body temperature

As well as allergic symptoms worsen as well as other risks of various disorders in the body.

There was a checklist to check whether adrenal fatigue or not, so please check who is worried.

Adrenal Fatigue Checklist Konishi General Medical

The question of whether sugar should not be white sugar

Sugar Allergy Rash 3


Have you ever heard that white sugar is okay if it is bad for your body and you have brown sugar or cold sugar with sugar?

But actually did you know the three temperature sugar coloring with white sugar boiled down?

The white sugar and the three temperature sugar are the same refined sugar, and the production method is the same (see figure). At the factory, white sugar such as granulated sugar can be made first, sugar remaining in the remaining sugar solution So, repeat the process of boiling down again and taking out crystals.Once repeating such process, sugar will decompose by continuing heating, brown color will be attached to sugar solution.This is made from this sugar solution, It is a three temperature sugar.

Compared with white sugar, brown sugar contains minerals, but it does not change to sugar.

It’s white sugar, so it’s not bad, so do not take too much sugar.

Even with the same sugar, some blood glucose levels rise sharply depending on the type and others are not.

Even if it says that sugar is bad for your body it is a bit difficult to not eat at all. (In my case it is)

Oligosaccharide which lowers GI value even in sugar and increases good bacteria further is a nice sugar for those who like sweet things

For example, please try to reduce the amount of sugar entering the body as much as possible by converting sugar to mirin or oligosaccharide for seasoning used in cooking, too

I recommend this oligosaccharide without habit even if it puts it in cooking and drink


Sugar Allergy Rash 4

This time I talked about the causes and measures for sugar to exacerbate allergic symptoms.

Even in this article I will tell you about the causes and measures to worsen allergy symptoms if the intestinal environment is disturbed.

After all it is clear that “the intestinal environment is disturbed” is a major cause of worsening allergic symptoms.

Let ‘s increase the number of good bugs firmly!

  1. By the way, I stopped “energy drink” that I was drinking every day for about a week.
  2. Although I felt that I could not get tired if I did not drink it, I checked the amount of sugar in the energy drink, it is said that it contains 13 teaspoons of sugar.
  3. But I feel like I got a little tired after I stopped energy drinks
  4. It may have caused adrenal fatigue · Next will try hard on chocolate · · ·