Symptoms Of Milk Allergy In Infants

Symptoms Of Milk Allergy In Infants

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What are the causes and symptoms of babymilk allergy? How to inspect?

Milk is a nutrient source for baby that you can trust are active in a variety of situations, I think that there are many families who use the milk. If, however, you are allergic to the baby’s milk, if you drink milk, nourishment, breathing problems, such as diarrhea with blood mixed one might ask in the body.

It is a serious problem that you can not drink milk if you use milk as an important nutrient source for babies. This time we will introduce the cause and symptoms of milk allergy, treatment, etc.

What is the cause of infant allergy?
Symptoms Of Milk Allergy In Baby

Allergy means that the immune function reacts excessively to substances that do not harm the body. And, milk allergy is formally called “Newborn infant gastrointestinal allergy” because allergic reaction occurs due to milk.

The main allergen of milk allergy (a substance that causes allergy) is protein called “casein” contained in milk. When a baby with milk allergy drinks cow milk-derived milk powder, it causes an allergic reaction.

Casein contained in breast milk is smaller in molecular size and less in amount than casein in milk, so it is said to be easy to absorb, so it is said that it is hard to become allergic.

What is the symptom of a baby’s milk allergy?

Symptoms Of Milk Allergy In Infants

Sometimes breast milk does not work well, or when you put it with her husband or parents, you may have to rely on milk powder. When a baby is allergic to milk, symptoms such as vomiting and bleeding (blood from anus) occur mainly as an allergic reaction when drinking milk.

However, if allergic reactions are severe, caution is necessary as anaphylactic shock (systemic symptoms such as acute hypotension and anxiety disorder) occurs and life may be dangerous.


Symptoms of milk allergy are, among others, symptoms associated with digestive organs such as chronic diarrhea and bleeding (blood from the anus). In the case of a newborn baby, it is thought that vomiting proceeded with “gup”. However, it is not common that diarrhea continues to increase, bleeding is unlikely to occur after drinking milk powder.

Blood may appear as bloody stools. Therefore, if you have symptoms such as vomiting, bleeding, bloody stools after drinking milk powder, there is a possibility of milk allergy.

Eczema / reticulocytosis

As a symptom of milk allergy, red skin swallowing, itching, eczema and urticaria occur. In newborn babies it is difficult to scratch, so it seems like you are ghosting as if you are moving your body.


There is dyspnea as a powerful symptom of milk allergy. Symptoms such as wheezing may appear with symptoms after milk inoculation. If you remember drinking milk before the onset of symptoms, record whether you are allergic or not.

How is the milk allergy of infants examined?

If you suspect a milk allergy, the hospital examines the history of the symptoms that occurred during the examination, conducts blood tests and stress tests to determine if you are allergic to milk.

In blood tests, blood is collected and IgE antibodies against proteins such as “casein” and “lactoglobulin” that induce allergic reactions in cow’s milk are measured, but not necessarily positive.

Symptoms and progression ยท Investigate whether milk allergy is suspected by examination results and whether milk allergy can be removed and removed.

How is your baby’s allergies to milk?

If you are diagnosed with milk allergy, please do not give baby herb milk as a general treatment. If baby food is not starting and milk is the only source of food, there is milk powder for infant with milk allergy, so switch to it.

Milk powder for milk allergy prevents protein hydrolysis of allergen milk and allergic reaction without milk component. As common for allergy milk powder, please consult your doctor before use and explain in the package notice etc “Please use according to instructions of doctor and nutrition-oriented nutritionist” etc.

Specifically, use peptide milk (element formula), hydrolyzed milk (E baby etc) and consider according to the instructions of a doctor / dietician.

Breast milk is used for breast milk, breast milk should refrain from using dairy products to prevent milk protein from mixing with breast milk.

Let’s process babymilk’s energy

How is baby 's milk allergy treatments

If a baby is allergic to milk, it could be worried that “milk products will get worse in the future.” But baby’s food allergies often go out with growth, so do not worry.

I would like to make a diet that leads to the health of my baby, but I get along well with allergy.

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