Titanium Allergy Symptoms

Titanium Allergy Symptoms

Reason why allergic symptoms appear in pure titanium that is not likely to become allergic to metal

Metallic allergy is a thing that happens as a rejection reaction as a result of metals such as necklaces and pierced everyday wearing in sweat and entering the body and the body judged as a foreign body.

There is a possibility that anyone can develop it now without anything, once it develops its constitution will last a lifetime.

Therefore, it is desirable to use accessories avoiding allergic-prone metals.

Especially when you are sweating easily in the summer and when you just opened the pierced hole, be careful.

Recently, we have come to notice the allergy friendly products. However, I often listen to the story that I had allergies even though I had attached a titanium piercing which is said to be less prone to allergies.

It is a very rare case to cause allergy with pure titanium. In this case, the reason why it is questionable may be “alloy with other metals”, “titanium plating has peeled off”, and so on.

The most common is nickel allergy

The symptoms of metal allergy vary from person to person.

If the metal from which the reaction comes out also differs, there are people who are allergic to multiple metals. Among many metals, nickel is particularly deeply related to allergies.

Nickel is the most used metal in everyday life, and it is used for dishes as well as 50 yen, 100 yen coin, mobile phone, wire, etc. Also, because it exists in everywhere, such as food such as chocolate and soybeans, coffee green tea, it is a very cumbersome metal if you get allergies.

In addition, it is known that people with nickel allergy show an allergic reaction to chromium similar in nature. Besides mercury, cobalt, tin, palladium, iron, aluminum etc. are allergic-prone metals.

Allergic-resistant titanium

Although allergies are worrisome, there are many people who want to enjoy accessories and enjoy fashion.

In formal places, it is almost like a necessity.
Therefore, we recommend that you select materials that are unlikely to cause metal allergy as much as possible.

There are many inexpensive accessories such as nickel, cobalt, brass (alloy of copper and zinc), and it is safe to avoid who is allergic worried.

Especially I must pay attention to piercing.

Those which are said to be difficult to become metal allergy by the material of the fashion earring which is on the market are titanium, surgical stainless steel, silver, platinum, gold and so on.

However, Surgical stainless steel contains nickel and chromium. Silver, platinum and gold are also highly safe for high purity, but alloys such as 18 gold, silver 925, platinum 900, etc. contain copper and palladium, so please be careful.

I would like to recommend titanium. Titanium is said to be light and durable metal, has a low ionization tendency, is difficult to dissolve in sweat and body fluids, it is said that almost no metal allergy occurs.

The reason is that titanium is strongly associated with oxygen, making a thin oxide film on the surface. Because it is obstructed by this oxide film, the metal ions inside do not melt out.

Titanium having such properties is used for dental implants, artificial joints and so on, and its safety is expected.

Why does it get rash with titanium?

Still, it does not mean that I do not get allergies at all. There are rare people who are allergic to titanium.

Nonetheless, if rash occurs due to a commercially available titanium product, it seems that most of it is allergic to other metals, not to titanium.

Many of the titanium accessories are actually alloys of titanium and other metals and may contain metals that are prone to allergies such as nickel, chromium, and aluminum.

Common titanium post piercings are posts (shafts) stabbing in the ear, Titanium, heads and catches are brass or stainless steel. Also post is not pure titanium, there is also possibility of alloy.

Also, a different metal is used for the joint between the head and the post, which may cause allergy to the metal.

Alternatively, in the case of titanium plating, the plating may come off and it may be allergic to the metal that appeared from inside.

So, keep in mind that titanium accessories have the following items.

  • All pure titanium
  • Titanium alloy
  • Titanium plating

Among the above, the material that is less likely to cause allergies is all pure titanium.

Even if you chose a titanium product, let’s check well before purchasing, so that it does not mean you have allergized by the contained metal.

It is quite a place to deal with all pure titanium pierced earrings, but this pierced earring is recommended because all posts and catches are pure titanium.