Twinlab Allergy C

When I had some allergy symptoms I bought Twinlab Allergy C capsules at GNC. I assumed the same as my partner: that they should help support or treat allergies.

But it turns out that the capsules contain nothing but calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. I did not think of the homeopathic remedy. I think it was designed to treat allergies, but for allergic people who had problems with other supplements.

As I was still taking a calcium and magnesium supplement, I kept it and took it when my other brand went off. The additional vitamin C was not a problem, since it is generally a good thing and you can not take an overdose, so it was safe to take it with my multivitamin. I had no problems with the capsules.

They did not cause stomach upset or side effects. They worked and behaved as well as the other brand I used before. Although the effects were the same, I decided not to buy the brand again when it went out.


Twinlab Allergy C


There are many cheaper versions of calcium and magnesium that work just as well. I do not really have a specific need for capsules that are allergic. My allergies are pollens and molds, do not complete any ingredient.

The only problems I have with the supplements are stomach pain, nausea, etc., but that is not allergic. If someone needs a supplement of calcium and magnesium (and some vitamin C as an extra) and has allergic reactions to other products, this would be the perfect product for them.

It has not added flavors, colors, coatings, sweeteners or chemicals that tend to cause reactions. They are just the supplements themselves, gelatin, water, calcium stearate, MCT and silica. There is nothing dark there.

I would definitely recommend this formula to those who really needed it. Otherwise, I would recommend buying one of the less expensive brands because, as far as I know, they work the same way.

Some people’s opinions about Twinlab Allergy C:

  • “Started taking this again after reading an article that cardo-vascular disease is actually a form of scurvy. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production throughout the body: skin, joints, connective tissue and blood vessels. Within a week of taking it, my gums tightened up and pulled my teeth closer together. Another benefit, my skin is looking great. I like the type because it’s made from sago palm, not citrus. I take as directed.”
  • “This is not your average Vitamin C. Made from the Sego Palm tree, it is buffered and does not give one “acid mouth” from daily use. It does not use fillers which can produce allergic reactions. The only thing that might cause problems is the size of the capsule. It is a bit large, but not the largest I have seen.
    I have been extremely pleased with Twinlab’s Allergy-C capsules and won’t buy any other willingly.”
  • “I am thrilled to have found this, as I have a corn allergy and this is CORN FREE! 🙂 It is almost impossible to find Vitamin C without corn products/derivatives. I would not have known about your product, had it not been for my wonderful doctor, Dr. Eileen Kenny. Thank you so much for making this! I feel so much better since I switched to Allergy C!”