Yellow Fly Bites Allergic Reaction

Yellow Fly Bites Allergic Reaction

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Insect bites: Who is being bitten by the basic principle of treatment

Yellow Fly Bites Allergic Reaction

Throughout life, people often fill insect bites. Not looking at some of them, not a few days, do not affect their own health, other people have a serious threat to health and even life, particularly dangerous summer season mosquitoes, bees, honey bees It brings about. Other families wake up from sleep in winter.

Whether the symptoms of the disease came to the fore and the skin should be treated as itching or irritation: this article introduces frequent insect bites in the photograph.

Over 1 million species of insects live on the earth. Most of them do not pose a threat to humans. Things that can affect the body in an adverse way can be divided into three large groups.

Toxic – releases toxic substances to the human body during biting. These are worth mentioning that hornets, bees, ants are included to mention that most of them display only pronunciation attacks of peace and aggression on part of the person.
Mosquito flies, in many cases, specialty substances that cause allergic reactions in humans are freed, such as about bite on blood released – blood sucking flies.
Non-avian parasites – fleas, bugs, lice. Mammalian blood is their main food source.

Mosquito bites

Everyone caught a mosquito. During the warm season these blood-sucking insects gather near the lake and other water. They are often found throughout the city, especially in the evening. Often undetected after biting, reddish appearance often occurs on skin and itching corn up to several centimeters in diameter.

At first glance, mosquitoes are not harmless. These insects, especially in the tropics, are carriers of dangerous diseases such as:

  • malaria
  • Bleeding fever
  • yellow fever

Bed bug

When people sleep, bugs in the bed bit at night. During the first 24 hours, insect seams can hardly be seen in the picture and look like a red dot on the light pink background. After that, there are remarkable edema such as edema, redness, itching. It is an allergic reaction to insect bites. I can hardly see the biting bugs on the first day.


Ticks – a record that has a dangerous effect on human health. In many cases, you may become victims of insects when you walk out with clothes outdoors. Mites can climb the legs and influence the sensitive areas of the skin using a branched capillary network:

  • crotch
  • Belly
  • Armpits
  • Neck and skin behind the ear

As the ticks on the ticks themselves remain painless, the lesions were detected after they discovered Saugmilbe on their skin and developed symptoms of infection (weakness, headache, tachycardia, etc.). Tick is a severe sick carrier:

  • Tick-borne encephalitis
  • Lyme borreliosis (borreliosis)
  • Bleeding fever

Caution! Immediately after the tick has been detected, remove it as soon as possible or as soon as possible and contact the nearest injured part. Distant insects must live and should be transferred to the laboratory for research.


Yellow Fly Bites Allergic TreatmentsResponse to insect bites The flea strokes on the first day look like a group of red itch points. The most common defeat:

  • Ankle
  • Calf
  • Knee
  • Anterior abdominal wall
  • Axillarhöhlen

Allergic reaction to insect bites causes symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching. While striking a comb, you can induce infection and heal wounds. The flea remained for Pest’s long career career. Currently, there is also an outbreak of endemic disease of this particularly dangerous disease.

A bee

Bee bites cause serious pain and may last several hours. The place where the stitch is dirty remains thin, and there are remarkable redness around it. You can express edema of insect swelling clearly. Particularly in multiple breaths, the patient developed severe allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock revealed by severe weakness, dizziness, seizures, loss of consciousness, Quinck-edema, arrhythmia and cardiac arrest.


Yellow Fly Bites Allergic Treatment

According to the biological classification, spiders are not insects, but spiders are often considered together in medicine. Most spiders are harmless, and reactions other than redness do not occur. However, a meeting can be dangerous to your health. The most poisonous spiders are as follows:

  • Black widow. The reaction reaction takes place 30 to 40 minutes after the bite injury. The victim complains of pain and swelling on the spot during the introduction of poison, some later, involuntary cramping of the muscles, convulsions, unconsciousness.
  • A brown hiding place causes a severe death of the skin in place of Kamaboko. The poison is very dangerous, especially for the elderly, children, pregnant women. If it is taken, an attack will occur which can stop breathing.

Toxic spiderbite is one of the most dangerous things. If the consciousness pressure or a serious neurological problem is the result of an insect bite, it should be treated in a toxicological hospital.

How to treat dirt and bite

Drugs against insect bites aim to reduce swelling, pain and inflammation. Both external medicines (gel and ointment) as well as antihistamines (against allergies) can be used. To relieve swelling,

It’s cold to a mud. Cold stenosis of the blood vessel prevents the diffusion of toxic substances in the body and further spreads the edema

  • Wipe water diluted 1: 1 alcohol solution
  • Bite with a strong soda solution, or boil porridge from soda
  • Special ointment: Trimistin, Gyoksizon, Triderm, Fenistil, Rescuer

Now we want to find out what to do if a cone and a strong compression brings insect bites. The formation of a cone of high density indicates that the poison released by insects is very strong, suggesting that the body can not eliminate it without leaving traces. Therefore, a dense infiltration is observed in the biting site, which lasts for a long time. Therapeutic measures are as follows.

  • Treatment of the preservative penetration solution: alcohol, iodine
  • Apply an ointment lotion using hydrocortisone, sinaflana, cream gum (applying a thick ointment layer to the skin, applying a gauze bandage to the top, leaving 1.5 to 2 hours)
  • Use of systemic antihistamines in tablets (Tavegil, Loratadine)

Itching is perhaps the most painful problem associated with mosquito bites, fleas, and bugs. Any treatment for insect bites clearly shows the anti-itching properties. You can also use a fork curve.


  • On pots with potatoes in small grated potatoes
  • Itch with onions
  • Use of lotion based on a strong soda solution
  • Dilute with apple cessation in a 1: 1 ratio with water.
  • Treatment of the occlusal part with toothbrush

In this article, the most common insect bite was considered. Itching, swelling, inflammation What to treat, what if you need medical help? Take care of your health, consult a doctor if allergies occur on bite clearly.

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